Our Head Office is anchored in Johannesburg and our assembly plant is in the foothills of Pietermaritzburg. We have a growing dealership and service support network in South and Southern Africa to provide optimum service efficiency at its best.

To date, there are more than 3500 POWERSTAR units in operation. Because of its ideal suitability for both on- and off-road applications, the majority of these trucks are deployed in construction and mining industries.

The POWERSTAR credence is: trucks built to last. And that applies to our entire product range consisting of 4x2, 4x4, 6x4, 6x6 and 8x4 chassis cabs and truck tractor with a power range of 270, 280 290, 350, 420, 460 hp. Known in the industry as no-frills workhorses, the simplistic design features and ease of maintenance make these ruggedly reliable POWERSTARS, ideal for short, medium and long distance operations in the toughest of terrain.

Beiben, our OEM supplier is based in China. They have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and they continue to consult with our South African office to ensure that our technical end designs and products are fit for the local harsh working conditions.

Assembly at our Pietermaritzburg plant is conducted under strict Quality Assurance. High quality standards are maintained in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.

Our values
Our business environment at POWERSTAR prides itself to cultivate high levels of ownership and accountability and encourages a self-perpetuating cycle of innovative thinking.

It is built on:
Trustworthiness | Respect | Colloborating | Recognition

Business Review

A lot of thought goes into making POWERSTAR trucks as simple and basic as possible. They are specifically designed not to rely on overcomplicated gizmos, but on sound no-nonsense performance principles. And simple to maintain.

Factor in very attractive pricing, excellent economy and low cost per kilometer, your purchase decision becomes that much easier.

The tougher the job, the easier the decision. Our POWERSTAR Beiben range is known in the South and Sub-Saharan market as true working-class heroes, chalking up legendary track records in short, medium and long operations. Whatever the terrain conditions, these down to earth trucks may seem rugged, but its simplicity must not to be understated.

Powered by the well known Weichai engine which offers robust versatility and compactness, these turbo-charged, euro 2 & 3, intercooled and powerful engines are easy and economic to maintain. Our claims of design integrity, durability and serviceability are substantiated by operators in real-world conditions.

To achieve sustained levels of performance, reliability and operating economy, we maintain that our trucks be built tough and have no-frills, no-nonsense operating records to match.

When you deal with rocks and concrete, the sums needn't be hard.